I Can’t Get My Parent Out to See the Doctor!

Healthcare has been changing rapidly over the past decade. People are living longer and because of that some people are living with a chronic illness that may debilitate them to the extent that they can no longer get out to see their doctor. In addition, many older adults with chronic illnesses are more susceptible in public places, such a physician offices,  to contagious diseases such as the flu or even a common cold that could put them into the hospital.

So what can you do? Doctors and nurse practitioners working with these physicians are starting to make house calls again! These highly skilled physicians come to the home, can order in home diagnostic testing with blood work and X-rays, do exams, and can manage medications and treatments that a home health nurse may be assisting with.

Below is a list of Home Physicians that Home Health RN recommends:

Housecall Doctors PC– 219-750-9497

Indiana Home Care Physicians- 219-769-0098

Home Physicians– 877-663-1333

So what happens when mom or dad is admitted to the hospital? The home physicians usually do not have staff privileges at hospitals. They coordinate with other physicians such as hospitalists or sometimes other primary care physicians who will see their patients in the hospital should the need arise. Make sure you ask how that is handled if you use the services of a home physician.

What is a hospitalist? A hospitalist, according to the Society of Hospital Medicine is, “A medical specialty dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients.” Some primary care physicians are so busy seeing patients in their office or at home that they have a contract with a hospitalist to see their patients if they are hospitalized. So if you want a physician who will see you in and outside of the hospital, you need to make sure that you ask them if they see their own patients in the hospital or if they use a hospitalist.


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