Million Hearts for Donny

donny dugger How ironic that in the same week that I signed up our home health care agency to participate with the National Million Hearts Initiative, my 57 year old cousin passed away suddenly from heart disease. Being close to his age, it certainly hit too close to home.

What really hit me hard was when I walked into the service and saw a church packed with friends, family, and co-workers. He died too young.

Heart disease and stroke are the first and fourth leading causes of death. What this initiative does is to educate the public about preventative measures to try to prevent the consequences of these diseases.

Million Hearts has set out to prevent over 1 million heart attacks and/or strokes in the US. They are doing so by promoting ABCS. A- Aspirin therapy, B-Blood pressure control, C-Cholesterol control, and S- Smoking cessation.

There are many partners in this initiative. Next time you visit your healthcare provider, ask them if they are a participant. I am glad that I signed Allpoints Home Healthcare up to be a partner even though it may take some additional work on my part.

It can’t save Donny now, but he will forever be on my mind as I endeavor to teach our nurses on ways to educate patients so that maybe one of them can be saved.

Stay tuned for more on heart disease and stroke prevention in upcoming posts!


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