Why Home Health Care?

It’s the insurance benefit few know about until they need it. Many years ago patients stayed in hospitals for weeks and some even months to fully recover from an illness. In the past 20 years that model has changed and hospitals started discharging patients within days and then there are even some procedures where you are discharged within hours.

If you are well enough to return home after a hospital or rehab stay, then you may benefit from additional home care services.

Nurses can teach you disease management skills, medications, and safety. In addition they provide and teach on wound care, IV therapy, certain injections, and urinary catheter changes.

Physical and Occupational therapists can work on increasing muscle strength, improve gait patterns, re-educate on ADLs (if you have forgotten what an ADL is see my previous post) and instruct on home exercise programs and safety.

A bath aide can assist with getting you in and out of the shower a couple times a week while you still have a need for a nurse or therapist. Medicare and most insurances do not pay for an aide to assist with bathing once there is no longer any skilled need.

Most of our patients are referred to us after suffering from a stroke or MI or when they have been hospitalized for an exacerbation of COPD, CHF, or Diabetes.

Home care can reduce your stress level and increase your knowledge on how to care for yourself or your loved one. Let’s face it, with rapid discharges from hospitals and rehabs, how much time can staff really spend with you to explain how to manage your disease, s/s to report, or educate you on your medications?

Home care is a benefit provided in Assisted Living Facilities, Apartments, Independent Living Facilities, and private homes. Home care cannot be provided in skilled care or rehab facilities.

For more information or to refer a patient, please email me! heart home


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