More Medicare Advantage Cuts!

Caregiver-elderly-womanSome seniors know they have one. Some seniors think they have Medicare and a supplement. Other seniors don’t have a clue. But what they need to know is that Medicare Advantage plans are taking a cut. According to a recent article in Politico, Medicare Advantage funding is taking a 3.55% cut. 

Now that may not seem like a huge cut, but in home care with plans that are managed (which many more are now) MA beneficiaries home care visits may be reduced from 6 visits to 4 or 3 visits. Insurance company case managers will be making it more difficult to get visits approved, and when they do, they will be allowing fewer visits.

Just to compare with traditional Medicare, beneficiaries usually have anywhere from 9-20 or more nursing visits over a 60 day benefit period for home health services. If there is still a skill needed, the agency and physician can recertify to patient after 60 days. Most MA beneficiaries are managed though by someone else who will  never even see them.

If you don’t know if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan or traditional Medicare, you can check your enrollment here. Remember, I wrote awhile back that a lot of US Steel retirees were automatically changed from traditional Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan!

The Affordable Care Act is pushing out agencies every day which decreases competition and leads to decreased quality of care! Will you allow congress to continue these cuts?


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