When Parents Become the Child

It’s very difficult being an adult with a family and then having to care for an elderly parent. It’s even harder if the parent has dementia.

This story from the Washington Post tells the reality of that life.

Caregiver burnout can occur in these situations. So if you haven’t read my previous column, take a look now for some tips on how to avoid it!


2 thoughts on “When Parents Become the Child

  1. In the next 10 years the need for home care services will increase by 60% due to the aging population of the baby boomers. Home care agencies are training there staff now to be prepared for this increase. After tanning comes the filtering process of weeding out the best CAN’s and Nurses. To do this we need to pick out the most qualified and compassionate to handle this task.


    • With the many cuts in reimbursements and increased governmental regulations, it is going to become much harder to recruit, train, and retain qualified and compassionate staff. Thank you for your comment!


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