Kasem’s Case for Advanced Directives

kasemIf you don’t already have them, you need to get them….NOW. As we all follow the slow demise of America’s Top 40’s DJ Casey Kasem, we are watching a very public dispute on end of life care.

Kasem cannot make decisions on his life right now so there is a fight between wife of 34 years and his daughter. 

His daughter had to go to court and just won the right to make decisions for Kasem. His wife is furious, and rightly so or not, that’s the law.

If  you do not have a living will or a Health Care Power of Attorney or the new Indiana POST form, then you put your wishes at risk as well as risking family disputes if anything happens to you and you cannot make your own healthcare decisions.

I have both a living will and a healthcare Power of Attorney. My family knows my wishes. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 80. You should have your wishes in writing and/or appoint someone that knows those wishes to make decisions on your behalf.

Are you prepared or will there be a family dispute like Kasem?



One thought on “Kasem’s Case for Advanced Directives

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