More Medicare Advantage Cuts!

Caregiver-elderly-womanSome seniors know they have one. Some seniors think they have Medicare and a supplement. Other seniors don’t have a clue. But what they need to know is that Medicare Advantage plans are taking a cut. According to a recent article in Politico, Medicare Advantage funding is taking a 3.55% cut.  Continue reading


Why Home Health Care?

It’s the insurance benefit few know about until they need it. Many years ago patients stayed in hospitals for weeks and some even months to fully recover from an illness. In the past 20 years that model has changed and hospitals started discharging patients within days and then there are even some procedures where you are discharged within hours. Continue reading

Be Careful When Selecting a Home Health Agency

DOJMost people don’t know a good home health agency from a bad one. Patients are usually in a compromised state of health when they need additional nursing or therapy services at home. Most local papers do not print when agencies have bad surveys or good surveys or in the case of Amedisys actually agree to pay millions of dollars to the Department of Justice just to stay out of jail and continue their business practices. Continue reading

Medicare Providers Still at Work!

In case you were wondering if I had to go to work today, well, I’m still here. You see Medicare is still paying providers for services. Medicare beneficiaries will not be impacted by the government shutdown. Image

If you have family or friends in the hospital, they will not be kicked out. If you need home care, I am still at my desk waiting for you to call!

Million Hearts for Donny

donny dugger How ironic that in the same week that I signed up our home health care agency to participate with the National Million Hearts Initiative, my 57 year old cousin passed away suddenly from heart disease. Being close to his age, it certainly hit too close to home.

What really hit me hard was when I walked into the service and saw a church packed with friends, family, and co-workers. He died too young. Continue reading

Is Technology Replacing Family Caregivers?

When my Grandma Dugger’s husband died, well before I was born, my parents built a home that had an apartment attached so she could move in with them. I grew up with an adult in the home almost around the clock (lucky me!) until the age of 15 when she passed away.

I remember my mom taking my grandma grocery shopping and to the doctor (Grandma Dugger didn’t drive), and she helped her with cleaning, laundry, and cooking in the latter years. As she grew older Grandma Dugger developed dementia. It meant having to make sure someone was in the home with her almost all the time as she had a habit of wandering around outside and standing on a garbage can in the back of the garage to peek into the window to see if my mom was still home. She was terrified of my mother leaving (her daughter-in-law). Continue reading